Natural & Homemade Beauty Masks Passed Down to Us

Itzel Martinez for Remezcla

At Remezcla HQ, we love comparing beauty routines. Between masks, serums and moisturizers, we have a lot of thoughts on how to nourish skin. But we realized that whenever we talked beauty, we only discussed store-bought items, even though we’re fans of homemade remedies and have adopted many from our parents and grandparents. (Have you tried eating raw garlic when you feel a cold coming? How about using olive oil and honey for stomach aches?)

The beauty industry already sells a lot of products with fruits and other good-for-you items. However, we were aiming for something simpler, something you could replicate at home with commonly bought ingredients.

For that, we tapped the team, our families and our readers to learn more about natural skincare treatments. Read on to learn how to treat your skin this winter and beyond.

Read more here.

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