This Memoir Is Rare Chance for a Central American to Tell Her Own Immigrant Story


With the first words of Knitting the Fog, Claudia D. Hernández manages to establish the kind of character she always hoped to see in a book. “I always wanted to read about a Central American character that resonated with me, a character that was mischievous, honest, full of energy and empowered,” she tells Remezcla. In her new memoir – out July 2019 – Hernández details her life before and after moving from Guatemala to the United States. When she was 7 years old, her mother left para El Norte on her own, leaving behind Claudia and her two older sisters. Three years later, she returned to take them to California. Though the book follows events that took place three decades ago, it’s a necessary read about the Central American immigrant experience today.

“I also wanted to be the one who told the story about the thousands of Central Americans who migrate north searching for a better life, looking for a better opportunity for their families and children,” she adds. “I wanted to give a voice to those who don’t have a platform to share their stories of resilience. I think it’s important to have a female Central American voice that can share her story – a critical story that captures the hardships of immigrants when they arrive to the U.S.”

Read more here.

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