What Life Is Like as a Farmworker in the Trump Era


When Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducted a massive raid in O’Neill, Nebraska in August 2018, it made undocumented immigrants afraid to leave their homes. When the agency conducted a sweep in California’s Central Valley in February 2018, it arrested 232 people, including those who had never been a target for deportation. Since Donald Trump entered office in 2017, he has used immigration laws to break up families, drive fear into communities and criminalize those just trying to support their families.

Undocumented immigrants are the backbone of the agriculture industry, but despite their very important contributions to this country, they have faced increased persecution under Trump.

It’s a scary time for this community, but despite that, many have bravely spoken up against Trump’s policies and offered up stories that reflect their realities. The United Farm Workers Foundation collected stories and photos of undocumented workers, who spoke about the issues that affect them – raids, the need for healthcare, and the arduous work.

Read more here.

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